Is Akttive Colon Cleanser good for everyone?

The ingredients found in Akttive Colon Cleanser are proven, effective safe for any dietary style.

What is the suggested dosage?

Take 1 tablet, twice a day before two of your main meals with a 10 oz. glass of water.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle contains 30 pills for a 15 day treatment.

Do I have to follow a specific diet?

You do NOT have to follow   a specific diet, however, it is RECOMMENDED you follow a diet low on carbohydrates and sugars and high on fiber enriched foods. If you have any health concerns please consult your physician.

Will Akttive Colon Cleanser help me lose


YES! By cleansing your body, you will eliminate pounds of waste that have built up in your system. If you are seeking to seriously lose weight, we recommend you start our Akttive High Performance Fat Burner treatment right after finishing your Akttive Colon Cleanser treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Some individuals might experience more frequent bowel movement due to the body detoxifying itself. On the other hand, you have much more positive side effects to experience with Akttive Colon Cleanser.

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